#97 – All That Jazz

Celebrate African American history month and enjoy smooth live jazz at the fifth annual Kings Park Jazz Festival.

It's been said that jazz washes away the dust of every day life. We're taking some liberties and adding snow and salt to the sentiment and making this a great reason to add the King Park Jazz Festival to our must do list.

The Kings Park Heritage Museum, in celebration of African American history month, will again host the fifth annual Jazz Festival on Friday, Feb.18th, 7 pm, at the RJO Auditorium.

Describing the event, Kings Park historian Steve Weber says, “The Jazz Festival showcases performances by working musicians as well as students in the district, that’s the show, but the goal of the Jazz Festival is to give our students an opportunity to learn and perform with seasoned jazz professionals, mentoring is the key.”

If history is a teacher, this year’s festival will undoubtedly be a success. Musical talent includes Glenn Baldwin's Friends of Jazz, the Kings Park Trio, Miss Emily and soloist Don Torrillo.

Glenn Baldwin's Friends of Jazz is a highly acclaimed local six piece ensembles who have been performing together since 2002. They have been a staple at Northport’s successful Happenings on Main Street concert series and can be found performing throughout Long Island and Manhattan.

The audience will also be treated to the homegrown talent of The Kings Park Trio.  Friends and schoolmates, Gerard Johnston, Mark Wierzbowski and John Little, all are Kings Park High School students make up the trio. Together for about a year, they have performed at numerous school and community events. With Gerard on the sax, Mark and John on the guitar, the audience will be treated to a variety of jazz standards. 

“It’s a good community event and people shouldn’t always play for money, but for the love of music," said Johnston.

Finally, if all this wonderful music hasn’t washed away your winter doldrums, Ranny Reeves and the Mills Pond Jazz Clinic are sure to. The legendary Mr. Reeves has been teaching and performing throughout Long Island for over fifty years.

Musicians from the audience will be invited on stage for an exciting jam session. If you are a musician and would like to participate in the Jazz Clinic, you are asked to bring your instrument, along with The Real Book which features Jazz standards such as Take a Train, Watermelon Man, Satin Doll and Blue Monk.

The Jazz Festival is free, so bring your family and friends to enjoy an exhilarating night of music.

Category: Indoors, Family, Music
Price: Free
Season: Annual
Note: Friday, February 18th, 2011 at the RJO Auditorium, 101 Church Street, Kings Park. Contact information for The Kings Park Trio; Gerard Johnston at 631-921-3305.

Maureen Rossi February 16, 2011 at 03:55 AM
looking forward to it DaddyO!


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