#88 - Wash Your Dog At Lindsey's Groom Room

Making your dog sparkle is an easy and fun family activity.

With the warmer weather moving in, everyone starts heading out, including our four-legged canine friends. Chasing squirrels, digging in the yard and checking under every bush and tree to find a new stick becomes a favorite pastime. Dirt and grime come along with the territory and cleaning up your pooch can be a chore, but Lindsey’s Groom Room’s self-service dog wash turns this job into a fun family activity and makes our list of 100 Things to Do in Kings Park.

Lindsey’s Groom Room, located at 143 Main Street, opened its doors in July 2010. The owner, Lindsey Snyder, was born and raised in Kings Park, and she's been grooming dogs locally since 2001.

“It’s been my dream,” explained Snyder. “I love what I do.”

The self-service wash is a hands-on experience. The salon is equipped with everything from a waist-high shower station, to shampoos, conditioners, brushes, towels, ear cleaner, nail clippers, a dryer and help, if needed. There is even mink oil and perfumes for those pooches who really want to leave smelling extra good. Each and every pet leaves with a brand new bandana.

“It is ideal for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or heavy shedding dogs,” said Snyder.

Owners come in, very often with their kids who love playing with the soap bubbles, Snyder explained. “It’s a family affair," she said. "Just make sure you wear something that you don’t mind will get wet.”

"The best part," Snyder added, “is that we supply everything and clean up the mess. All you bring is your dog.”

Mother and daughter Donna and Justine Guinaw recently brought their favorite pooch, Annie, in for a wash. “It was not only easier than washing her at home, she got cleaner,” said Donna. “Annie seemed to enjoy it, and the best part for me was they cleaned up.”

Donna’s daughter, Justine, said, “It was fun and Annie doesn’t smell like Fritos anymore.”

So gone are the days of chasing your dog around the yard with a hose or flooding your bathroom floor. Lindsey’s Groom Room’s self-service dog wash is a fun experience for both family and pet.

For busy or not-so-adventurous pet owners, Lindsey’s does offer full-service dog and cat grooming, including bathing, brushing, haircuts, nail trimming and painting, flea treatments and tooth care. It also carries an array of pet food, accessories and toys.  

Category: Pets, family

Self-service price: Small Dogs $15; Medium Dogs $20; Large Dogs $25; Extra Large Dogs $30

Address: 143 Main Street, Kings Park, NY 11754
Phone: (631) 292-2655
Hours: Mon - Sat, 9am - 4pm; Sun, 10am - 3pm

Gift certificates available; credit cards accepted (except American Express)

kathie plant May 10, 2011 at 07:12 PM
I cannot rave enough about Lindsey! She is such an animal lover, and it shows in how she pampers my dogs and runs her business. She's an excellent groomer, and the self-serve dog wash is an added bonus for whenyou just want to give the dogs a quick wash yourself. Lindsey stocks the store with great items and can get any dog food you want at a competitive price. She also has wild bird seed, which is also sold at a great price. My friends use Lindsey as well, and we are loving that she is right here in Kings Park!
Steve Weber May 11, 2011 at 01:43 AM
Lindsey is the best and she also does pro-bono work for dogs in need.


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