#76 – Take A Zumba Class

Dancing your way to fitness.

It’s on signs in the windows of gyms, dance studios, and even along the road. There are people talking about it in grocery stores, there are demonstrations in malls, and on all the morning shows – Zumba, a phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the country.

Studio director and co-owner of , Sandra Campagnolo Moletto, explains that Zumba is a dance fitness class with a fusion of Latin and international music. 

Kings Park Dance Center, a family owned and operated business, offers recreational and competitive classes in everything from ballet to jazz, but according to Campagnolo Moletto, it’s Zumba that’s universal.

“You don’t have to be a dancer or even athletic,” explains Campagnolo Moletto. “It has an easy to follow, repetitive count, that requires no special skill. Everyone can do it.”

Zumba incorporates interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms and resistance training. Classes usually run for one hour and cover a range of dance styles, including salsa, merengue, samba, axe, reggaeton, hip hop, baile, african, and cumbia.

A total workout while you dance, Zumba is offered six days a week at the dance center and is popular with teenagers, college students, moms, dads and even athletes, says Campagnolo Moletto.

“The Stony Brook University lacrosse team has come in for Zumba classes," he said.

“It doesn’t feel like exercise, it’s a lot of fun,” explains Kings Park resident Joanne Blum.

“I dropped weight, feel healthy and look forward to exercising,” Blum says. “I come in two or three times a week.”

On Fridays, the dance studio offers free babysitting during its morning Zumba class. “After a crazy week with kids,” Blum says,” it’s my time to have fun and dance.”

For offering fitness and fun, taking a Zumba class makes our list of 100 Things To Do in Kings Park.


Category:   Indoor, exercise

Price:         Varies

Season:     Year round

Notes:       Kings Park Dance Center, 85 Main Street, Kings Park   631. 269.0751  


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