#68-Irish Soda Bread or St. Joseph's Day Cakes at Park Bake Shop

Don't miss this seasonal treat.

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day and Monday is St. Joseph’s Day and in honor of these March holidays we have made munching March treats at Park Bake Shop a must on our list of 100 Things to Do.

The Irish Soda bread at Park Bake Shop is truly a treat. I have never been a big fan of the stuff, but this bakeshop has changed my mind. The bread is moist, not dry and full of flavor. I like it with raisins and paired with some butter and a cup of tea, well, ‘tis grand.

St. Joseph's Day cakes come filled with either cannoli cream or custard. My taste leans towards cannoli, but both treats are quite good. Of course, to be on the safe side, eat both. Your mouth and stomach will thank you, however, your jeans may not.

No need to be Irish or Italian to indulge, just hungry.


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